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program overview

Are you looking for ways to be intentional with your relationship every single day? There are times that we stop, take account of our time and engage in our relationships at full throttle. There are also times that we need support and encouragement while having some fun in these efforts, and that’s exactly what Sarah and Adam Nuse are here for!


Together, Sarah and Adam have enjoyed a supportive marriage while learning to balance careers, business and three kids. They know that a loving relationship has the opportunity to be the clearest blueprint of Christ’s love and is key to not only their life but all of those around them. 


Sarah and Adam are passionate about their marriage and are always learning. They invite you to lean in, have a laugh and join them in their Relationship Accountability Program with an open mind and willing heart. 

The BRAND NEW Destined for Greatness Relationship Accountability Program is offered in April, June, and September.

  • Daily deposit challenges (5 per week)

  • Videos throughout the week from Sarah and Adam 

  • Small daily deposit reminders from Sarah and Adam 

  • Exclusive Facebook Group

  • Complete a Destined for Greatness Relationship Goal Sheet

  • Complete a Wheel Assessment 

  • Plan one overnight trip/date (if possible) 

  • Plan one date night a week with dedicated time with your significant other

  • Participate in the private Facebook Group - watch video messages throughout the week from Sarah and Adam!

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