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you, my friend, are destined for greatness!

Sarah speaks straight from her heart in an honest, relatable and engaging way. By sharing practical tools, Sarah is able to coach your group, from where you are, to where you want to be so you are inspired to take action on achieving your dreams.

Sarah's insightful stories to share

“Soil responds to seeds, not wishes.” Are you setting yourself up to be destined for greatness?

In this message, Sarah illustrates the importance of sowing our seeds (our dreams and goals) in fertile soil (taking daily action steps, having the right conversations, working hard and acting diligently) so that we can reap much more than our input. Sarah encourages you to surround yourself with people who see who you are becoming, know what you are capable of and lift you up when you aren’t in the room. She will offer the strength and confidence through her powerful words to find out what’s blocking your view and will motivate you to take action today on those ideas inside your heart.

Carving a path for your own success, creating a balance and crushing your goals!

Through Sarah’s engaging stories and practical insights, she inspires others by discussing what it takes to successfully run a thriving business, immersing herself in supporting relationships and being fiercely present with her family. She will inspire you, encourage you and support you so that you can carve a path for your own success (whatever that may look like!) and crush your goals. Allow Sarah to bring a positive change into your life and help guide you to say yes to opportunities.

Following god's plans with great purpose.

In this message, Sarah will challenge you to get so busy loving God, loving others, and chasing that dream inside of you. In doing so, you won't have time for worry, have regret, or allow fear to sneak into your schedule the only option will be to act. She will remind you to follow God’s plans with great purpose, say yes even when you can’t foresee the outcome and arrive there with an open mind and willing heart. Sarah emphasizes that there is a blessing waiting for each of us and that by doing less with more focus you can create a greater wave.

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When Sarah Nuse spoke to our parish's women's ministry, attendees of all ages were completely engaged and left the evening feeling inspired to dream big. Her heart-felt testimony encouraged everyone to examine their God-given talents and set reasonable steps to accomplish person goals - all while glorifying God. Our evening with Sarah Nuse certainly blessed the women of our parish!

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Certification Secretary

Church of Saint Mary

I am so thankful Sarah and I connected! She poured into our team with so much goodness in the gracious and eye opening way. As one of my coworkers said, "She took us to church!" by sharing so many things we all needed to hear. My biggest takeaway was  the power of the small daily deposits we make in professional + personal goals, relationships, friendships, parenting, etc. They are the secret sauce to achieving your own greatness. We all know this, but the way Sarah shared it with our team resonated at a new level. Everyone should read her book! And, if you have the opportunity to have her inspire your team, do it! Nothing to lose and so much to gain. Her energy is contagious!

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Managing Director at Beauty Counter

Sarah Nuse is a gifted communicator, but its not her communication abilities that have the greatest impact on her audiences. Sarah has an unusual sincerity about her desire to make an impact on those that encounter her message. As a person, she is authentic to the core and her commitment to helping improve the lives of those she comes in contact with, is compelling and admirable. In a world where too much status quo is accepted, Sarah Nuse is a refreshing gift to those that desire to leave each place they go, better than they found it.



President at Provincial Development Group

Founder of the Nashville Leadership Luncheon

Sarah encouraged, inspired and challenged the women of the Embrace Conference with her engaging teaching and warm presence. We were able to find ourselves in the stories she shared about her own journey and walked away with guidance we could immediately put into practice. Nearly a year later, I still remember the importance of making small daily deposits, surrounding yourself with "light" people, and listening to the wisest (not the loudest) voice in the room. I can't recommend her highly enough to other groups. She has deep wisdom to share and her passion is contagious!

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Executive Pastor of Operations

Broadway United Methodist Church

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Sarah enjoys working with groups to add customization to her talks. Please leave any information on personalizing the message in the Speaker Request Form. 

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