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program overview

Soil responds to seeds, not wishes. Do you have dreams bubbling up inside of you but are stuck and don’t know how to move forward? 


In this digital course, you will be challenged to make changes to discover the greatness you have inside of you. Starting with identifying those dreams inside you - why are they important, what is preventing you from moving forward, how you can overcome these obstacles - and then building action steps so you can make these dreams come true. 


Over the next 30 days, Sarah will cover the following topics:


  • Establish Routine - Sarah discusses your routine, how to trade your distraction for discipline and letting go of dead branches. 

  • Fruit in your Schedule - Sarah talks about how to examine your schedule to produce the most results and stay strong with your consistency. 

  • Power of Words - How often do we say things and we don’t realize it? Sarah asks you to consider the words you are using and contemplate to be positively influential to yourself and others. 

  • Small Daily Deposits - Sarah challenges you to reflect on your why, your successes and your next steps. 


Now, here’s the fun part...what exactly will you receive in the Destined for Greatness Accountability Program?


  • 20 video lessons from accomplished author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Sarah Nuse.

  • The Destined for Greatness Goal Sheet, where you’ll identify personal and business goals.

  • A downloadable weekly planner to plan each week and track progress towards your goals.

  • Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime! You will automatically have access to any program updates Sarah makes. 


Are you ready to discover the greatness inside of you?


I want to allow people to see their gifts and talents and use it to the best of their ability. Join me today and take action on your dreams! - 💗 Sarah


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