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Sarah is an entrepreneur, wife and mother of three. She has successfully run a thriving business for over 20 years with Tippi Toes franchises across the world. She is an author of her book Destined for Greatness, a speaker, podcaster, accountability coach, shoe designer and creator of seven children's music albums. Sarah appeared with her business partner on season 2 of Shark Tank. She is passionate about helping women successfully run their business while balancing her family.

Tippi Toes is an international franchise which spans the US and China.  The company was recognized in Entrepreneur Magazine as a top 500 franchise company in the world.

Sarah is an author of her business book Destined for Greatness; Living an inspired life from head to Tippi Toes.  She is a keynote speaker and spends much of her time speaking to all types of groups about dreaming big, balancing family and dreams and using our God-given talents. 

Tippi Toes was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2012, where Sarah and her sister, Megan, landed a TV deal with Shark Mark Cuban. 

As a company, Tippi Toes has had the opportunity to release seven music CDs. With, "On Top of the World," hitting the Top 10 on iTunes and top 20 on Billboards chart on the Best Children’s Album chart. “On Top of the World” was also submitted for the Best Children’s Album for the 60th Grammy Awards. Sarah and her sister write all lyrics on each CD to ensure that positive, encouraging music is played throughout each class at Tippi Toes. 

Sarah has co-authored, with her husband, Adam, a children's book, Pink Ballet Shoes. Sarah and her team have designed and sold thousands of Tippi Toes signature sparkly ballet slippers that are seen twirling in dance classes around the world. 
Sarah is engaging, inspiring and desires to share the practical tools that allowed her to reach her big dreams so that others can do the same. Sarah’s journey in business has made her very relatable and she wants to help others in their business life, as well as in their marriage and family.  Living outside of Nashville, Tennessee with her family, Sarah is the wife to football executive Adam Nuse, and mother to her three children: Lucy, Lola and Hank. 


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